That Time Everything Went Well And We Were Totally Fine

Actor: Frankie De Clerq, sketch characters
Designer (The Bowery): set, projection, lighting

Written and Performed by Jennifer Piper and Belinda Campbell

Gerry and Frankie are going out. They’re going to have a great night. Everything will go well, because they’re both totally fine. No, really. They’re fine.

Just have to remember the tickets, get on the train, make it to the show on time, obey the law, make conversation, keep smiling and remember to breathe.

Content warning guidelines.



St Albans 2020, The Bowery Theatre

  • Director/Dramaturg: Kate Hood
  • Directorial support: Avery Hutley and Lansy Feng
  • Production Manager: Lansy Feng
  • Sound Designer: Avery Hutley
  • Projection & Lighting Designer: Jennifer Piper
  • Stage Manager: Henry O’Brien
  • Photographer: Sarah Clarke

Footscray 2019, Bluestone Church Arts Space

2 to 15 November 2019, Preview 1 November

  • Director: Kate Cameron
  • Production Manager: Lansy Feng
  • Stage Manager: Henry O’Brien
  • Set & Costume Designer: Chelsea Maron
  • Sound Designer: Avery Hutley
  • Lighting Designer: Jamie Turner
  • Front of House Manager: Gemma Carfi
  • Photographer: Jack Dixon-Gunn

Produced by Wit Incorporated

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