Ophelia Thinks Harder

Written by Jean Betts and William Shakespeare

Directed by Belinda Campbell

The Prince is a hazard and the new King’s a puppet. Who the hell is running Denmark?

Ophelia tries to please. Ophelia fails. Ophelia thinks harder.

With guerilla feminists invading the castle, failed spells from a frustrated maid, endless direction from a wily Queen and various ignored ghosts, this is not the Hamlet you know.

Ophelia Thinks Harder is a heightened, confused and darkly-funny world, where Shakespeare meets feminism.

And this time Ophelia gets all the best lines.

9 to 24 November 2018

Performed by Sam Anderson, Sarah Clarke, Lansy Feng, Ruby Rose Lauret, Aimee Marich, Artemis Muñoz, Jennifer Piper, Leigh Scully, Matt Tester

  • Set Designed by Sarah Clarke & Jennifer Piper
  • Lighting Designed by Jennifer Piper
  • Sound Designed by Belinda Campbell
  • Costumes Designed by Georgina Hanley
  • Stage Managed by Valerie Dragojevic

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