Ophelia Thinks Harder

The Prince is a hazard and the new King’s a puppet. Who the hell is running Denmark?

Ophelia Thinks Harder is a heightened, confused and darkly-funny world, where Shakespeare meets feminism.

Ophelia tries to please. Ophelia fails. Ophelia thinks harder.

With guerilla feminists invading the castle, failed spells from a frustrated maid, endless direction from a wily Queen and various ignored ghosts, this is not the Hamlet you know.

And this time Ophelia gets all the best lines.

Written by
Jean Betts
and William Shakespeare

Directed by
Belinda Campbell

Sam Anderson
Sarah Clarke
Lansy Feng
Ruby Rose Lauret
Aimee Marich
Artemis Muñoz
Jennifer Piper
Leigh Scully
Matt Tester

Set Designer
Sarah Clarke
Jennifer Piper

Lighting Designer
Jennifer Piper

Sound Designer
Belinda Campbell

Costumes Designer
Georgina Hanley

Stage Manager
Valerie Dragojevic

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