How I Met My Dead Husband

Designer: lighting, projection (The Bowery)

  • Written and performed by Lansy Feng
  • Directed by Belinda Campbell

When a determined woman chases true love, even Buddha can’t stop her.

Chuen-Jiau stands before family, friends and loved ones to give a eulogy for her husband Yueh.

Nobody expects a story spanning four entire lifetimes. But that’s love, isn’t it?

A sweet and funny cabaret funeral that’ll take you on a reincarnating journey of love, confusion and hope.

If this is love, be brave to stay before you turn and hide.
(Perhaps Love)

  • Lighting Designer: Jennifer Piper
  • Set Designer: Abbey Stanway
  • Costume Designer: Georgina Hanley
  • Production Manager: Eleanor Boydell
  • Stage Manager: Henry O’Brien
  • Photographers: Jack Dixon-Gunn and Sarah Clarke

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