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IMAGES (top to bottom): Checking the shot with DOP Dasha Melnik at State Records Office [Russian Spy], Interviewing rollerskating legend Winifred Hopwood at Morley Rollerdrome [The Golden Rollers], Setting up the perfect POV with Izzy Turner, Aref Rashidan and Dasha Melnik at State Records Office [Russian Spy], discussing a sliced bread prop with Director Emma Jackson [Fine Bone China].

Jennifer Piper is a multidisciplinary, cross-media storyteller whose award-winning writing includes plays, cabaret, essays, radio, series and film.

2021 films The Golden Rollers and Fine Bone China continue to be well-received by audiences and industry, with The Golden Rollers closing out Revelation International Film Festival 2022. POND, a scientifically-correct allegorical music video, featuring renowned astrophysicist Dr Linqing Wen and depicting the theory of binary coalescence, was released in celebration of the 7th anniversary of the discovery of gravitational waves.

In 2022, JP was one of four AIDC Leading Lights invited to pitch a factual project. The factual format series Old Enough To Know Better is currently in development.

JP’s plays A Scandal in the Weimar and That Time Everything Went Well And We Were Totally Fine are available via Australian Plays Online, and the cabaret At Home with Anne Zieté was shortlisted for the 2021 Midsumma Festival Queer Playwriting Award.

JP created ‘The Representation Hour’ for Triple Bi-Pass on JOYFM, investigating and celebrating queer representation in popular culture. JP’s essay on the queerness of the vampire narrative ‘Undyingly Queer’ will appear in Queering the Vampire Narrative later this year, published by Brill Sense.

JP will ask to pat your dog.


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“Remarkable, relatable and riotously funny”

Piper had the crowd in stitches with her portrayals of her characters. 

Milk Bar Mag

“Skilfully presented”

Well thought-out, socially accurate, and theatrically entertaining.

The Westsider

“So real and potent”

When the Queen made her grand entrance into the theatre, she was so striking and imposing – every set of eyes in the theatre was set on her. It was so quiet in the theatre you could have heard a pin drop.

Tay Around Town