Call me JP.

Jennifer is a mischief-making, storytelling polymath, who works across screen, stage, radio and page, and loves a list with rhyme and rhythm

JP will ask to pat your dog.


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  • My bookshelf diorama project
  • Learning to roller skate
  • Audrey Edith (dog, life coach and style icon)
  • Why maths is cool

“Remarkable, relatable and riotously funny”

Piper had the crowd in stitches with her portrayals of her characters. 

Milk Bar Mag

“Skilfully presented”

Well thought-out, socially accurate, and theatrically entertaining.

The Westsider

“So real and potent”

When the Queen made her grand entrance into the theatre, she was so striking and imposing – every set of eyes in the theatre was set on her. It was so quiet in the theatre you could have heard a pin drop.

Tay Around Town