Fairy Tale News

Written by Belinda Campbell

Directed by Jennifer Piper

Presented as part of Comedy Out West for Melbourne International Comedy Festival

“Some very professional, high quality kids comedy..! This “news broadcast” theatre show is perfect for lower primary and even pre-primary aged children. As the show began a super engaging actor appeared and chatted to the audience asking who had ever been to the theatre before. I was pleased to see that for quite a few kids this was their first experience.
We were also given a few sounds to make each time certain things happened in the show, and other things we need to watch out for and count as the show progressed! She increased their focus, made the performance space safe, and subsequently more
enjoyable for the kids.
…During audience participation and anb interaction with the kids the actors
remained respectful and very entertaining. The show was just under an hour and even the younger kids were fully focused until the end.”

Jo Quirk, Funny Tonne

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