Fictional characters I believe to be gay

Gay as in queer as heck, not gay as in happy. Also not gay as in exclusively homosexual, but gay as in same-sex attracted. The kids tell me that’s a was we use the words these days. Language, amirite? Speaking of language, and before we get into the fiction, Shakespeare! So very, very queer. And […]

the crafting of art

I’ve been musing lately on the nature of art and craft. The lines drawn between art and craft are arbitrary, rooted in systemic racism and misogyny, and ignore the root of both words. They ignore the fact that there are items of great beauty, expression and emotion that are labelled as craft, and they ignore […]

Making Light of the Darkness

“Tragedy plus time equals comedy.” Steven Allen It’s funny, isn’t it, how sometimes we can’t help but laugh at the most awful things? But if someone laughs at something that still feels raw to us, the hurt they cause is inescapable. So, what’s the formula for making awful things funny? Can anyone turn anything into […]

Prisons are a waste of money.

This article was first published in The Westsider Newspaper Prisons are expensive. In the 2014-15 financial year, Australia spent $2.9 billion on them. We’re also sending more people to prison than ever before. Especially women. Over the last ten years, Australia has seen a 77% increase in the total number of women in prison. About […]

Gender, Tragedy and Macbeth

In the lead-up to playing Banquo in The Tragedy of Macbeth for Wit Incorporated, I spoke to Beat Magazine about the show, gender, storytelling, and why Shakespeare is still a good time. Here’s the full interview. Why swap the genders in Macbeth? Why not? It seems trite, but there’s really no good reason not to […]

I have thoughts and opinions

Occasionally, I’ll remember to jot them down. If you see anything here that is potentially harmful or factually incorrect, please let me know.