About Jennifer


Jennifer Piper graduated WAAPA in 1999 with an Associate Degree in Performing Arts (Broadcasting). She makes theatre with wit incorporated (and others), fills an hour of airtime on JOY94.9 with banter on bisexual representation in storytelling, and wakes people up on Thursday mornings with breakfast radio. She’s produced theatre, radio and video in various forms for almost 20 years. She loves a good story, well told.

Jennifer has loved stories for as long as she can remember, and got hooked on theatre a very long time ago.

She studied at WAAPA and UWA before heading off to the UK for a couple of years. On returning, she worked for a time with West Australian Ballet and Perth International Arts Festival, and has performed in theatres across Australia.

If you ask Jennifer why she loves theatre, she’ll usually ramble about the beauty of language and the thrill of the five minutes in the wings before the house lights go down. She’ll then tell you that it’s because the theatre is the most truthful place on Earth.

Jennifer is one half of the management team at wit incorporated and boss-lady at Piper Does.

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