All About Jennifer

Image: Sarah Clarke

Trained at WAAPA and UWA Jennifer is an actor, writer and designer, and co-founder and Company Manager of Wit Incorporated theatre company.

JP’s work gazes adoringly at feminism, sexuality, gender and neurodivergence, as they rummage around in their pockets looking for their shared identity.

JP loves taking characters from our theatrical canon, created by old white dudes for old white dudes and twisting them into a new truth: including Doug (Cosi), Banquo (Macbeth), Don John (Much Ado About Nothing) and Sherlock Holmes.

In 2018, JP brought the house down as Tiggy, Teresa and Zoe in Bombshells, then terrified us all as The Queen in Ophelia Thinks Harder. 2019’s production of That Time Everything Went Well And We Were Totally Fine by Jennifer Piper and Belinda Campbell was met with rave reviews and is scheduled for one night of Midsumma glory at The Bowery Theatre in February.

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